Patterns, gadgets and systems

I’m now a husband and father and LEGO building participant with my 4 year-old son. While constructing LEGO spacecraft with him, I thought about how I got here.

In addition to my formal education in electronics, I’ve had a life-long obsession of seeing patterns, designing systems, and integrating various gadgets.

I was a rocket engineer kid who enjoyed taking things apart.

Then one Christmas, my grandpa Brown gave me my first computer.

Marine Corps Communication and Electronics School, The Desert, California 92278

At 17, I joined the Marine Corps and spent a year in the desert studying electronics.

By the time I was 18, I had completed the MCCES Basic Electronics Course (528 hrs.), Radio Fundamentals Course (245 hrs.), Ground Radio Repair Course (564 hrs.), and attended comp sci courses at College of the Desert. The Marine Corps sent me to Japan to support ground radio comm systems.

A1000During my three years in Japan, I bought my second computer, the Commodore Amiga 1000 (external floppy drive not shown). Upon completing my four years of active duty, I received my Honorable Discharge and stopped getting haircuts for a while.

I also went to college, Undergraduate Studies at U. of Maryland (1985-1987) and College of the Desert (1985), and studies toward Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology at Portland Community College, (OIT dual-enrollment program) (1989-1990).

Then I designed & built this Pro Tools-based recording studio (Anarchy Sauce) with my friend Justin, and we played and recorded music.

I also designed these live racks, & built them with Justin, including mil-spec VEAM multi-pin connectors & Space Muffin drums midi-ed to FOH on fiber. I met broadcast design genius Mike Cooley through Wayne Anderson.

I then went to work for Mike Cooley at Studioworks, integrating massive multi-radio station broadcast facilities, and we constructed many studios.