Broadcast Integration Clients:


Broadcast Facility Integration

I had the privilege of working with Studioworks founder Michael Cooley for four years. He remains the most brilliant engineer/designer/architect I’ve ever worked with. Despite always being the smartest guy in the room, he was generous with his knowledge, and always teaching.


Broadcast Facility Integration  srb_resume_addendum_org01

  1. Design sub-systems to spec, meeting the requirements of the master facility plan.
  2. Translate Mike's system designs and my associated sub-system designs into installation documents, diagrams, and punch lists for the installation teams (led by cable artist Wayne Anderson). This would include explanations, specification, and discussions of systems with the installers, tracking the installation progress of each system with the framework of the main project timeline and adapting the various designs to any new requirements, such as a change in client needs or a conflict with other elements of the installation.
  3. Create and maintain a master system document set, which tracked the source and destination of each interconnect in the facility - primarily analog audio, but also control, digital audio, multiple computer networks, video, satellite, digital microwave, etc. The Entercom Portland facility consolidation project, spanning many months and comprised eventually of 7 radio stations & 18 studio rooms, was the pinnacle of documentation grooviness.

On larger facility builds, those three responsibilities took up all of my time, but on projects with only several studios, I would join our installers and run cable, prep ends for connectors, rack-mount, configure and op-check equipment, and assist in assembling furniture.