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Commercial integration experience in both a) general “broadcast integration” (from studios, to office spaces, to behind-the-scenes server & rack rooms), and b) the specific installation & management of systems in a commercial facility while it is filled with people at work. Responsibilities included:

  • implementing chief designer Michael Cooley’s master facility design by creating & maintaining system documentation for over a dozen primary systems
  • assembling and installing studio & corporate A/V systems
  • providing management of two installation teams on several sub-projects.


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In addition to Studioworks founder & chief designer/architect/engineer Michael Cooley and myself, the company consisted of installation team-leader Wayne Anderson, lighting designer & manager David Hess, architect Gregg Mizuno, and our two installation teams. Yes, it was a super-team.


Studioworks Integrating large-scale improvements, additions and reconstruction to active radio station facilities was the company’s primary function. The majority of our projects were those of the “radio station consolidation” variety. Large broadcasting corporations acquired multiple new radio stations and integrated them into new studios, usually in an existing, “live on-air” facility.

Occupied These transitions could span months, as new and modified studios, conference rooms, etc. were constructed in the midst of day-to-day operations. Many of the rooms integrated were already in use around the clock, so while we would sometimes execute some of Michael’s installation plans in the middle of the night, we would usually tip-toe into studios between sessions to work as quietly as possible for as long as possible.

The installation ran smoothly due to our team’s attention to detail and client rapport (and of course the ability to avoid accidentally cutting one of the many cables that would take one or more radio stations off the air).

Entercom Following are some photos of the sales area and conference room of the Entercom Portland consolidation. Mike & Gregg’s signature architectural styles were on display here with clever creation of multi-use spaces and aesthetic flourishes, all within the confines of a corporate facility.

Lighting & A/V scenes were managed by a Crestron system.

Note the media-integrated conference table designed by Gregg Mizuno (last picture).