Everything, everywhere.

A Cooley/Holtz joint. All studio I/O brought to terminal blocks on the terminal room back wall and patched to an SAS routing switcher.

The I/O of the Entercom Portland’s Main Program Source Switcher (MSwx) was normalled through analog patch panels to a set of 24-pair Molex blocks on the centrally located “Terminal Room.”

The I/O (analog or digital) from each of the 18 Air Studios, Production Studios, Dub/Edit Studios, etc. in the facility were linked to the Terminal Room on 2 trunk cables (per studio) of Gepco GA61812 (12-pair), terminated in wall-mounted 24-pair Molex blocks (two of the studios had double the I/O, 48 pairs), for a total of 11 Studio Trunk Blocks.

In addition to content and control to & from the studios, various other sources (satellite content, mix-minus, summed stereo, DSD (Digital Storage & Delivery system) content, etc.) was also routed to terminal blocks identical & adjacent to the MSwx terminal blocks. All I/O was then cross-connected to the MSwx Molex terminal blocks via Gepco 9451 (gray wire in photo).