The work:

  • Keeping detailed documentation during a several-month period of facility upgrades.
  • Integrating changes to this system in order to match changes in connected subsystems.
  • Re-cabling these changes myself or relaying the new configuration requirements to our crack installation team.

Michael Cooley’s plans for the Entercom Portland facility included extensive routing flexibility that allowed, for example, any air studio to move to any one of the remaining 17 studios and continue broadcasting with minimal effort.

For a central audio routing switcher, Michael & Entercom Chief Engineer Larry Holtz decided on two linked Sierra Automated Systems’ SAS 64000 Audio Routing Switchers (one frame handled all the left channels, the other, all the right channels), with the capability to route 256 stereo inputs to 256 stereo outputs, between 18 studios.


SAS 64000 Chassis Rear View


The 64k is a digitally-controlled routing switcher that can be configured via software to operate as a mono, stereo or a mixed mono/stereo system. I/O is determined by installation of the boards pictured. It has since been supplanted by the SAS 32KD Digital Router/Mixer. 

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