A cool, dark place with mysterious LEDs glowing in shadowy corners, the recording studio is sacred place that inspires reverence when entering, and the spiritual center for all my integration design.

Roles I can fill: Designer, manager, or installer. These roles sometimes overlap, depending on the specific project. I’ve listed my primary responsibilities in the “Resume Addendum” on this page.

I can also track guitar, bass & vocal parts :-)


Studio Clients:



Credit & thanks to Michael Cooley.


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Studio Design & Installation

Project Management

  • Manage on-site installation teams, ensuring functional milestones are met, and resolve any issues arising outside team's scope.
  • Track budgets, purchase materials, & maintain inventory. Receive & stage studio, etc. equipment in support of installation team.
  • Work with installers to complete systems to specifications.
  • Orchestrate our integration plans with concurrent facility improvement efforts by other contractors, during large scale installations.

Process: Design Phase

  • Establish scope of work with client (system function, budget & schedule), collaborating with project architects, acoustical engineers and contractors as required. Consult client on platform & device selection.
  • Room layout & furniture placement, rack elevation drawings. (some experience with room acoustic design & lighting design.)

General Studio System Design

  • Complete functional device and interconnect design, including technical drawings indicating placement of all I/O (cabling, jacks, plugs, panels, racks, devices, etc.).
  • Interconnects: All room cabling from & from rack-mount, furniture-integrated, or free-standing devices, and all studio trunk cables and any other intra-room cabling.
  • Signal routing includes analog & digital audio, MIDI & USB for control, DAW storage (NAS, USB 3, Thunderbolt 2, etc.), video and AC & DC power.


  • Control Room: Configure mixing consoles, racks, and studio furniture. Configure patchbays, jack panels, and monitor systems.
  • Vocal booths, drum rooms, live rooms, etc.

Process: Installation Phase

  • Create interconnect tables for installation team.
  • Run cable, solder, prep ends, assemble connectors and dress cables with proper service loops.
  • Rack-mount equipment, wall-mount equipment, assemble furniture & racks. Experienced in minor remodeling, including framing, drywall, & electrical.
  • Clean, prep & finalize installation, program hardware & software devices and op-check systems.

Digital Audio Workstation Setup

  • Computer configuration, installation & setup of hardware, software, storage. Setup of manual or automatic backup procedures.
  • Integration of DAW with external sources. Console & mix controller integration and mix automation setup.
  • MIDI control & virtualization of external electronic instruments & processing.
  • Note: Installed my first Pro Tools system in 1995, am skilled in Logic Pro X usage, a Logic user since 1997.


  • Catalog detailed inventory data, including serial numbers, authorization codes, and hardware & software versions.
  • Provide studio device & interconnect documentation (hard & soft copy), including signal flow diagrams, complete interconnect tables, rack elevation drawings, etc.
  • Labeling for cables, jack panels, devices, etc.

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