Extra: Home A/V,
IT, & security.
My professional integration experience is in the Broadcast, Recording & Production, & Commercial Integration fields, however, I include this page to show some very minor home A/V & IT work done in my own house. It’s just general dad geekery :-)
The diagrams in the slideshow are a home wireless network optimized by mapping S/N & signal strength of internal vs surrounding networks across the entire floorplan.I had a few other diagrams sitting around that I included as well:

  • Dish Network coax reconfig
  • some home production workstation & storage setup diagrams
  • a phone line reconfig
  • and a project that integrated network & A/V into furniture with thermostat-controlled 2-fan exhaust.

Not shown: multiple wireless security cams, iOS-connected and viewable from outside the LAN firewall.


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