Pattern Creation: Making Music, Graphical Art, and Systems.

It’s all patterns, man :-) Create or control these patterns and make them what they need to be.

Note 1: The first chart (fig. 1)

  • attempts to indicate my proficiency with the software and platforms 
  • bigger segments = more production from me. 
  • Apps are roughly arranged by their purpose.
  • Here‘s the charts showing proficiency and years experience

WARNING: Read on only if you have an unnatural interest in: 

  1. The sets of software I use for making stuff.
  2. The production similarities of Music Composition, Graphic Design, and System Design


All of my strict “design” work is takes place in three general areas:

  1. Create and control audiovisual media (music and audiovisual production)
  2. Create and control graphical/textual media (graphic design and advertising)
  3. Create systems that allow users to create and control media (media production systems and AV integration)

Efforts in these three areas roughly translate to nine (often overlapping) “jobs.”

Eight Design Jobs + Management

  • Studio Design
  • AV Integration
  • System Design
  • Technical Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Media Production
  • Music Production
  • Project Management

Software tools generally reflect the intent of the user, I suppose, and I found that the following variations of my Figure 1 chart appeared to naturally illustrate the overlap between seemingly disparate types of design.

Figure 2 shows the sub-set of software used on each job. The arrangement is reminiscent of the musical pattern the “cycle of 5ths.”

Figure 3 associates each of the eight “design jobs” with the three main areas of effort. (any excuse to bust out the Venn diagram)



Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3