System Documentation for Large-scale Integration

To control installation time and increase product value, complex projects require accurate documentation. This is the inner workings, the overviews, the cheat-sheets, and the wire-by-wire system reality. Although system docs are never more important than system delivery, they’re fundamental to a quality installation.

Typical Documentation Usage:

  • Before client buy-off, documentation specifies scope of work and supports proposal generation.
  • In-project, the Installation team relies on system docs (interconnect tables) to create the actual system.
  • The project manager controls materials costs and tracks installation progress using system docs.
  • In the case of facilities under construction, documentation reduces conflicts with peer contractors.
  • Finally, versions of the master system documentation are provided to client to define work completed, to client operations & users to more easily utilize the new systems, and to client technical staff for support purposes.

Can also create ad-hoc system diagrams as required to illustrate our solutions & their impact to client staff or peer contractors.


Documentation for Integrated Systems

Have developed and maintained system documents in the Broadcast, Audio Production and A/V Integration industries beginning in 1995.
General System Documentation

  • Design to spec (or collaborate with or support other design engineers) at most levels of electronic systems detail, from facility architectural drawings down to individual conductors.
  • System content: Audio & video (digital & analog), IT, control, phone systems, digital microwave, networks, digital storage & delivery systems, media production sw, Apple hw & sw, Mac & iOS integration.
  • Provide detailed wire-by-wire interconnect tables to installation team.
  • Create system function diagrams describing the range of systems above for integration use or as deliverable.
  • Can read electronic schematics (some experience in circuit design).
  • Some experience with technical drawing for custom fabrication.

Supporting the lead design engineer & other team designers

  • Intermediary between the lead design engineer and installation teams, finishing out functional or installation details as required, and designing sub-systems or modifications as directed by Design Lead.
  • Provide documentation support for our company’s designers, including integration of their system or sub-system designs into our master reference doc set.

Creating/maintaining documentation versions to support sales, installation, management, & the completed installation.

  • Create detailed interconnect tables for installation teams and managers.
  • Create simplified system diagrams illustrating scope of work to support efforts of our sales staff (essential system function plus overlays of additional available functionality to satisfy the client’s value requirements)